Nutrition by Having Fruits at Empty Stomach:

Peoples generally used to say the trouble that after eating fruits in full or partially filled stomach they suffer from burps, bloats, irritable bowel syndrome. By lacking of sense they feel that fruits are responsibility for the mistaken with stomach. But this opinion is utterly fault. You want to know why this happen?

Health tips for Nutrition by Having Fruits at Empty Stomach

This will happen when one had the fruits after your meals. This is the wrong thing that people usually doing it. By the deep research by the great scientist, the main motivation for graying hair, balding, nervous outburst, and dark circles under the eyes are considerably less when fruits are taken in empty stomach.

You want to go through some of the points before having fruits:
  1. Always try to drink only fresh juice
  2. Generally avert boiled fruits
  3. Have more fibrous fruits, as fibers will facilitate to reduce cholesterol
  4. Check the top and bottom portion of fruits where there is a chance of insects to grow
  5. Wash the fruits completely and neatly before eating it.
  6. Avert the fruits which are labeled with stickers it will cause stomach ulcer
  7. keep away from pineapple for those who are pregnant and those who are willing to become pregnant
  8. Plantains and banana have a property of absorbing and storing residues of certain pesticides like Furadan (Carbofuran  5%),  DDT,  BHC etc. Take care to take such fruits only from known sources.

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