Healthy Eating Tips

healthy eating tips

Healthy eating tips:
  • Water water water. It kick-starts your metabolism. Stop drinking soda.
  • Cut out fried foods. When you’re used to that, cut out soda, etc.
  • Stop the evening eating. You don’t want to eat and then go to sleep. All those calories just sit there unused while you sleep.
  • Eat mostly raw fruits, veggies and nuts.
  • Brush your teeth early in the evening rather than just before bed. It keeps you from snacking if you’re not really hungry.
  • Commit to one diet — and stick to it for life. Start by making a list of low-calorie foods that you love, that you find satisfying; and when you’re hungry make sure you eat lots of those foods.
  • If you are hungry between meals, try eating a small portion of food that is high in protein.
  • Eat slow and you will only eat as much as you need to be full.
  • Learn to cook, from scratch. That way, you control what you are eating.
  • Try to enjoy your food, eat it slowly and consciously.

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