Healthy benefits for grapes

Health Benefits of grapes: Grapes are one of the most popular fruits all over the world. The beautiful  , juicy  beads of grapes that we consume comprise 70-80% water and 15-30% sugar in the form of glucose or fructose. Besides these two main constituents, grapes also contain various essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, phosphoric acid, salicylic acid, oxalic acid and loads of vitamins like A, B complex, C and K. 100 grams of grapes contains 60 calories. Grapes help effort many diseases and disorders and assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are several health benefits of grapes, which are as follows:


  •     Grapes contain antioxidants which prevent cancer, heart diseases or even Alzheimer's disease.
  •     Grapes delay the bone loss in elderly women, due to their rich calcium content.
  •      Red grapes are particularly effective in curing and preventing blood disorders.
  •     Grapes are also known to cure asthma, migraine and constipation.
  •     Grapes are a source of instant energy, as they provide sugar which is readily absorbed in blood.
  •     Grapes promote teething in babies.
  •     Grapes relax blood vessels and reduce the problem of high blood pressure.

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