Healthy and beauty benefits of Avocado:

Healthy and beauty benefits of Avocado:

The magical fruit for the people, who wants to become fat, is “Avocado.” This type of fruit contains more range of fats in it. So it is sealed as “High Calorie“ fruit.  Nearly 14% of this fruit contains fat, the notable is Avocado is rich in fat.

Types of fats found in Avocado:
    * Monounsaturated fat: 10%
    * Polyunsaturated fat: 2%
    * Saturated fat: 2%

In the above types of fats mentioned above Saturated fat is some what horrific. But this fat is rich enough ensure the vital effect to our body.  This fat will greatly help you to generate and mature news cells in our body.

Profit of Avocado:
  • It will surely diminish the prostate cancer
  • Some of the rare compounds found in this fruit used to get ride of cancerous oral cells, before they do harm to our bodies
  • It is rich in Folate so it helps to reduce the heart diseases
  • It also will shrink down the diseases that caused by eyes
  • It will enlarge the absorption rate that present in carotenoids
  • High in potassium, this amount is 60% more than bananas
  • Contains high range of Vitamin K, E and B
  • Lessen the hazard for strokes.

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